Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hall of Horrors

Why oh why is the psychiatry building tucked in the very back and right next to the Emergency Department? I know why, it's both to hide us and so they can whisk us straight into the hospital from the ER.

Just another reminder that I am mental and going to see a psychiatrist

Both ways are scary

Let's face our fears and check out the in patient unit

Let's get a closer look

Oh hell, let's be voyeurs and risk getting kicked off the hospital grounds. Hey look! There is a woman about my age and they serve lots of coffee in there.

I don't need any coffee so I'm going back to the outpatient unit.

I'm going in, Godess help me!

If you're a head case turn right

Turn right down the...OMG it's the hall of horrors

Oh no! I don't want that!

It sure does!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know where I am!

Scary looking stuff

THEY are watching!

There is the reception desk. Will they be nasty or nice?

The waiting room and the door my pdoc comes out

Sneaking up to the door

Oh wow, I can take a picture of her office from the lobby. There is the pink chair I sit in and her bike by the window.

I'm not sitting THERE.

Still not sitting THERE


Almost there!

I was so outraged that they posted a sign saying they are NOT legally obligated to serve the community, that I took a picture of it. But the word "NOT" has very mysteriously disappeared. Yes that place does my head in. I wonder what else I was seeing that was not there?

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